“Life writes our story
until we decide to rewrite it.”


Little girls are born into a world of Viagra and Super Bowls, and spend the first half of our lives trying to figure it out. Scratching our heads, we navigate our cultures being good daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. Wearing many hats and playing many roles, we do Life.
Then we hit 50 and the storm that has been brewing inside of us, the one beyond the role of good daughter, sister, wife and mother, starts to rage. We know we are beyond these roles. Our heartache burrows deeply alongside our scars, as profound as war wounds, because we have dared to love. Courageous, we have cried rivers. Our power lies less in our biceps and more in the act of being vulnerable, and allowing others the space to do the same.

Almonds & Elephants is that space for us to gather and do Life in a vulnerable and empowering way. Designed to Empower & Inspire, we will help each other burst through the road blocks in our path, be it disease or abuse or job stress, so we can blaze our trail with the magnificent light the world desperately needs.
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